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Teochew Fish Soup: A Delicious and Healthy Dish for Seafood Lovers

Teochew fish soup is a classic dish that is loved by many in Singapore. This soup is a clear broth that is made with fresh fish and a variety of vegetables and herbs. The Teochew style of cooking is known for its delicate flavours, and this soup is no exception.

Origins and Varieties:
Teochew fish soup is believed to have originated in the Chaoshan region of China, which is where many Teochew people come from.

There are many different variations of this soup, but the basic ingredients are usually the same. The soup is typically made with fresh fish, such as batang or pomfret, and vegetables like tomatoes, tofu, and leafy greens. Some versions of the soup also include ingredients like salted vegetables or sour plums to give it a tangy flavour.

A steaming pot of Teochew fish soup with fresh fish slices, tomatoes, tofu, and leafy greens, simmering in a clear and flavorful broth

Teochew Fish Soup History

Teochew Fish Soup is a popular dish that originated from the Teochew region in China.

It is a simple yet flavourful soup that is made with fresh fish, vegetables, and herbs. The soup is known for its clear broth and delicate taste, which is achieved by boiling the fish bones and head for hours.

In Singapore, Teochew Fish Soup has become a beloved local dish, with many variations and styles available.

The dish is said to have been introduced to Singapore in the 19th century by Teochew immigrants, and has since become a staple in the local food scene.

Regional Variations

There are many regional variations of Teochew Fish Soup in Singapore, each with their own unique twist. Some popular variations include:

  • First Street Teochew Fish Soup: This iconic restaurant in Upper Serangoon is known for its fresh fish and flavourful broth. They offer both fried and non-fried fish options, and are a favourite among locals.

  • Maxwell Food Centre: This hawker centre in the heart of Chinatown is home to many famous food stalls, including several Teochew Fish Soup stalls.

  • Each stall has its own unique recipe and style, so be sure to try a few to find your favourite.

  • Aljunied Crescent Market & Food Centre: This popular hawker centre in the east of Singapore is home to several Teochew Fish Soup stalls, including Arcade Fish Soup. They are known for their generous portions and affordable prices.

  • Blanco Court Fried Fish Noodles: This famous stall in Beach Road is known for their fried fish noodles, which are a twist on the traditional Teochew Fish Soup. The dish is made with crispy fried fish and served with noodles in a flavourful broth.

Popular Teochew Fish Soup Spots

If you're looking for the best Teochew Fish Soup in Singapore, here are some popular spots to check out:

  • First Street Teochew Fish Soup (Upper Serangoon)
  • Blanco Court Fried Fish Noodles (Beach Road)
  • Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodle (Amoy Street Food Centre)
  • Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh & Teochew Fish Soup (Jalan Besar)
  • Chao Zhou Teochew Fish Soup (Ang Mo Kio)

Preparing Teochew Fish Soup

Fresh fish, ginger, tomatoes, and radish in a pot. Clear broth simmering on a stove. Aromatic herbs and spices ready to be added

Teochew fish soup is a delicious and nutritious dish that is enjoyed by many people in Singapore and around the world.

To prepare this dish, you will need to carefully select your ingredients, use the right cooking techniques, and serve it with the right accompaniments.

In this section, we will guide you through the process of preparing Teochew fish soup.

Selecting Ingredients

The key ingredient in Teochew fish soup is, of course, fresh fish.

The most commonly used fish for this dish is Batang, also known as Spanish Mackerel. Other fish options include Pomfret, Grouper, and Red Garoupa.

When selecting your fish, it is important to choose a fish that is fresh and has a firm texture. You can also use fish bones and heads to make a flavourful broth.

Other important ingredients include ginger, which adds a warm and spicy flavour to the broth, and tomatoes, which add a touch of sweetness. Tang Oh, prawns, and minced pork are also commonly used in Teochew fish soup.

Cooking Techniques

To make Teochew fish soup, you will need to prepare a broth by simmering fish bones and heads with ginger and water for several hours.

You can also add milk or evaporated milk to the broth to give it a creamy texture.

Once the broth is ready, you can add your fresh fish and other ingredients such as Tang Oh, prawns, and minced pork.

To enhance the flavour of the soup, you can add Chinese wine, soya sauce, and other seasonings.

Some Teochew fish soup recipes also call for deep-frying the fish before adding it to the soup to remove any fishy smell and give it a crispy texture.

Serving and Pairing

Teochew fish soup is typically served with mee sua or bee hoon, which are thin noodles that absorb the flavour of the broth well. You can also serve it with rice or crusty bread. Tang Oh, a leafy vegetable, is a popular accompaniment to the soup.

To pair with the soup, you can serve a light and refreshing white wine or a cold beer. Seafood dishes such as prawn and squid also pair well with Teochew fish soup.

Frequently Asked Questions

A steaming bowl of Teochew fish soup sits on a wooden table, surrounded by fresh vegetables and herbs. Steam rises from the fragrant broth, creating a warm and inviting scene

How do you make a traditional Teochew fish soup?

To make a traditional Teochew fish soup, you need fresh fish, water, salt, pepper, and some vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, and spring onions.

First, clean the fish and cut it into slices. Then, boil the water and add the fish slices.

Simmer the soup for about 10 minutes and add the vegetables. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve the soup hot with steamed rice.

What ingredients are essential for an authentic Teochew fish soup?

The key to an authentic Teochew fish soup is using fresh fish and making the soup from scratch.

Other essential ingredients include water, salt, pepper, and vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, and spring onions. Some recipes also call for ginger, garlic, and soy sauce to enhance the flavour.

Where can I find First Street Teochew Fish Soup outlets?

First Street Teochew Fish Soup is a popular old-school fish soup stall in Singapore that has several outlets.

You can find them at various hawker centres and food courts, including the Toa Payoh Lorong 5 hawker centre, the Amoy Street Food Centre, and the Chinatown Complex Food Centre. Check their website for the full list of outlets.

What variety of fish is commonly used in Singaporean fish soups?

Singaporean fish soups typically use a variety of fish, including pomfret, batang, and threadfin.

Teochew fish soup, in particular, uses fish that have a sweet and delicate flavour, such as snakehead, grouper, and sea bass.

Can you recommend a good place for Teochew fish soup in Toa Payoh?

If you're looking for a good place to try Teochew fish soup in Toa Payoh, you should check out First Street Teochew Fish Soup at the Toa Payoh Lorong 5 hawker centre.

They serve a delicious and authentic version of the soup that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

What are the health benefits associated with consuming Chinese fish soup?

Chinese fish soup is a healthy and nutritious dish that is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

It is also low in calories and fat, making it a great option for those watching their weight.

The soup is believed to have various health benefits, including improving digestion, boosting immunity, and reducing inflammation.