Do I have to pay to be onboard the Loyalty Programme?
Of course not! It is absolutely free! Just create an account, subscribe to our newsletter and you’re onboard!
How do I earn and spend my SEACOins?
You can earn 1 SEACOin with every $1 spend on completed orders on www.seaco-online.com. SEACOins can be used to redeem various rewards and can be applied to your cart upon checkout.
Can I use my SEACOins for all collections?
SEACOins are applicable to all collections on www.seaco-online.com except the “Fresh Produce” collection.

Will my Seacoins expire?
As with all good things that comes to and end, so does our SEACOins. SEACOins have to be redeemed within 12 months from the issue date, otherwise it will be forfeited.
Will my redeemed rewards expire?
Any redeemed rewards not claimed within 1 month from issue date will be forfeited
Are my SEACOins transferable? 
No. Unfortunately, your SEACOins and redeemed rewards are non-transferrable. 
Can I redeem more than one reward at one time?
Rewards cannot be stacked; 1 reward can only be applied to 1 transaction.  
How do I check my SEACOins balance?
Just click on the light blue tab labelled "SEACOins" located at the bottom right of any page on the website and it will reflect the amount of SEACOins you’ve acquired. 
How do I redeem the points and apply it to my cart?
It is easy! Just click on the light blue tab labelled "SEACOins" located at the bottom right of the page and choose the rewards you want to redeem. After redeeming, there will be an option to apply the code to your current cart and it will be automatically registered.

For further inquiries, please contact us at +65 6288 1411 or email us at support@seaco-online.com .