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T&K Seafood Singapore: A Must-Visit Restaurant in the City

T&K Seafood Singapore: A Must-Visit Restaurant in the City

If you're a seafood lover in Singapore, you've probably heard of T&K Seafood. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience the best seafood dishes in the city. T&K Seafood has been around since 1965 and has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Exploring T&K Seafood Singapore is an adventure in itself. The restaurant is located in Chinatown and is always bustling with activity. As soon as you step inside, you'll be greeted by the aroma of fresh seafood and the sound of sizzling woks. The menu is extensive and features a wide variety of dishes, from classic seafood staples like chilli crab and black pepper prawns to lesser-known dishes like deep-fried squid with salted egg yolk.

Key Takeaways

  • T&K Seafood is a must-visit restaurant for seafood lovers in Singapore.
  • The restaurant has been around since 1965 and is located in Chinatown.
  • The menu features a wide variety of dishes, including classic seafood staples and lesser-known dishes.

Exploring T&K Seafood Singapore

If you're looking for a vibrant and lively atmosphere to enjoy some fresh seafood, T&K Seafood in Singapore is the place to be. Located in the heart of Chinatown, this restaurant offers an authentic dining experience that you won't forget.

Vibrant Atmosphere

As soon as you step into T&K Seafood, you'll be greeted by a lively and bustling atmosphere. The restaurant is always packed with locals and tourists alike, all eager to try the delicious seafood dishes on offer. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the decor is simple yet charming.

Iconic Location

T&K Seafood is located in the heart of Chinatown, which makes it the perfect spot to explore the area. After your meal, take a stroll around the vibrant streets and soak up the atmosphere. You'll find plenty of shops, markets, and temples to explore, making it the perfect day out.

Overall, T&K Seafood is a must-visit restaurant if you're in Singapore. With its lively atmosphere, delicious food, and iconic location, it's the perfect spot to experience the best of Chinatown.

Menu Highlights

If you're looking for fresh seafood in Singapore, T&K Seafood is a must-visit restaurant. With a wide selection of seafood dishes, you're sure to find something you love. Here are some of the highlights from their menu:

Fresh Seafood Selection

T&K Seafood is known for their fresh seafood, which is delivered daily from the nearby fish market. You can choose from a variety of seafood, including crabs, prawns, squid, and fish. All of their seafood is cooked to perfection, and you can taste the freshness in every bite.

Signature Dishes

One of the must-try dishes at T&K Seafood is their chilli crab. This dish is a Singaporean favourite and is made with fresh crab cooked in a spicy chilli sauce. It's the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, and the sauce is so good that you'll want to lick your plate clean.

Another signature dish is the black pepper crab. This dish is made with fresh crab cooked in a rich black pepper sauce. The sauce has a nice kick to it, and the crab meat is tender and juicy.

Vegetarian Options

If you're a vegetarian, don't worry - T&K Seafood has plenty of options for you too. They have a variety of vegetable dishes, including stir-fried vegetables, tofu, and vegetarian noodles. One of the standout dishes is the stir-fried kang kong, which is a type of water spinach. It's cooked with garlic and chilli, and it's the perfect side dish to complement your seafood.

Overall, T&K Seafood is a great restaurant for anyone who loves fresh seafood. With a variety of dishes to choose from, you're sure to find something you love.

Dining Experience

When it comes to dining at T&K Seafood Singapore, you can expect a delightful experience that will leave you wanting more. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you will be greeted with a warm welcome and friendly staff that will ensure your dining experience is nothing short of excellent.

Customer Service

The customer service at T&K Seafood Singapore is top-notch. The staff is attentive and always ready to assist you with anything you need. They are knowledgeable about the menu and can provide recommendations based on your preferences. The restaurant also has a feedback system in place, so you can share your thoughts and suggestions with them.

Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement at T&K Seafood Singapore is designed to cater to different group sizes. Whether you are dining alone or in a large group, there are plenty of seating options available. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can choose the one that suits your preference. The outdoor seating area is perfect for those who want to enjoy their meal while taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling Chinatown area.

Overall, the dining experience at T&K Seafood Singapore is exceptional. From the excellent customer service to the comfortable seating arrangement, everything is designed to make your dining experience a memorable one.

Behind the Scenes

If you're curious about what goes on behind the scenes at T&K Seafood Singapore, you're in for a treat. From sourcing ingredients to culinary expertise, here's a glimpse into what makes T&K Seafood stand out from the rest.

Sourcing Ingredients

At T&K Seafood, quality is key. That's why the chefs go to great lengths to source the freshest seafood available. The seafood is sourced from local fishermen, and the chefs make sure to inspect every catch before it's brought back to the kitchen.

In addition to seafood, T&K Seafood also sources its other ingredients from local markets. This ensures that the food is not only fresh, but also supports the local community.

Culinary Expertise

T&K Seafood Singapore is known for its culinary expertise, and for good reason. The chefs at T&K Seafood have years of experience in preparing seafood dishes, and they take great pride in their work.

One of the secrets to their success is their use of traditional cooking techniques. The chefs at T&K Seafood use a combination of grilling, steaming, and frying to bring out the best in each dish. They also use a variety of herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of the seafood.

In addition to their culinary expertise, the chefs at T&K Seafood are also passionate about presentation. They take great care in arranging each dish to make it look as good as it tastes. Whether you're dining alone or with a group, you can expect every dish to be a work of art.

Overall, the combination of quality ingredients and culinary expertise is what makes T&K Seafood Singapore stand out from the rest. If you're looking for a seafood experience like no other, be sure to pay them a visit.

Customer Reviews

Rave Testimonials

If you're looking for a seafood restaurant that offers a great dining experience, T&K Seafood Singapore is definitely worth a visit. According to Tripadvisor, many customers have given the restaurant high ratings for its delicious seafood dishes, friendly staff, and cosy ambience. Some of the rave reviews include:

  • "Absolutely delicious seafood! The freshness of the ingredients really shines through in every dish. The staff are also very attentive and helpful" - Tripadvisor
  • "The chilli crab is a must-try! It's one of the best I've ever had. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and accommodating" - Seaco-online.com

Critics' Corner

While T&K Seafood Singapore has received many positive reviews, there are also some negative ones. Some customers have complained about the restaurant's hygiene and customer service. Here are a few examples:

  • "The hygiene standards of the restaurant were not up to par. I found a hair in my food and the staff didn't seem to care much when I brought it to their attention" - Tripadvisor
  • "Be careful of scam! The restaurant overcharged us for our meal and refused to give us a refund. The staff were also rude and unhelpful" - Tripadvisor

It's important to note that these negative reviews are in the minority and that most customers have had a positive experience at T&K Seafood Singapore.

Special Events

If you're looking for a special dining experience, T&K Seafood is the place to be. The restaurant frequently hosts events that showcase the best of their seafood dishes.

One such event is their Crab Buffet, where you can indulge in unlimited servings of delicious crab dishes. From steamed crabs to chilli crabs, T&K Seafood has it all. The buffet also includes a selection of sides and desserts to complement your meal.

Another event worth checking out is their Seafood Platter promotion. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, the platter features a variety of fresh seafood, including prawns, mussels, and squid. This promotion is available for a limited time only, so be sure to check it out while it lasts.

In addition to these events, T&K Seafood also offers catering services for special occasions. Whether you're planning a birthday party or a corporate event, their team can create a custom menu to suit your needs.

So why not add some excitement to your next dining experience and check out the special events at T&K Seafood? With their delicious food and excellent service, you're sure to have a memorable time.

Contact Information

If you're interested in visiting T&K Seafood Singapore, you can find their contact information below.


T&K Seafood Singapore is located at 49-51 Chinatown, Yaowarat Road, Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

Phone Number

You can reach T&K Seafood Singapore by phone at +66 2 223 4519.


Unfortunately, we were unable to find an email address for T&K Seafood Singapore. However, you can reach out to them via their website or social media channels.

Social Media

T&K Seafood Singapore has a strong presence on social media. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on their latest offerings and promotions.


For more information about T&K Seafood Singapore, you can visit their website at https://www.tkseafood.com/. On their website, you can find their full menu, information about their history and philosophy, and more.

Overall, T&K Seafood Singapore is a must-visit destination for seafood lovers. With their fresh and delicious offerings, friendly staff, and convenient location, you're sure to have a memorable dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tantalising dishes should you not miss at T&K Seafood in Singapore?

T&K Seafood in Singapore is well-known for its fresh and succulent seafood dishes. Some of the must-try dishes include the Black Pepper Crab, Garlic Prawns, and the Steamed Fish with Lime Sauce. These dishes are cooked to perfection and will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Can you believe how affordable the prices are at T&K Seafood?

Yes, T&K Seafood is one of the most affordable seafood restaurants in Singapore. Despite offering high-quality seafood, the prices are very reasonable. You can enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank.

Are there any secret menu items at T&K Seafood that locals absolutely rave about?

Yes, there are some secret menu items that locals absolutely rave about. The Salted Egg Yolk Crab is a favourite among the locals. The dish is cooked to perfection and has a unique flavour that will leave you wanting more.

How does T&K Seafood's ambience enhance the dining experience?

T&K Seafood has a casual and relaxed atmosphere that enhances the dining experience. The restaurant is located in a bustling street in Chinatown and has an open-air seating area. The ambience is perfect for a casual dinner with friends or family.

What are the must-try local specialties at T&K Seafood?

T&K Seafood offers a variety of local specialties that are a must-try. The Chilli Crab is a Singaporean favourite and is a must-try dish. The restaurant also offers other local specialties such as the Sambal Stingray and the Oyster Omelette.

Is the quality of the seafood at T&K Seafood as remarkable as everyone says?

Yes, the quality of the seafood at T&K Seafood is remarkable. The restaurant sources its seafood from local fishermen and ensures that only the freshest seafood is used in its dishes. The seafood is cooked to perfection and has a unique flavour that will leave you wanting more.