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Seaco-online.com completes revamp of our website to bring you a better seafood buying experience!

What is Seaco Online

Experience premium seafood at Seaco, Singapore's top provider! Our global partnerships offer eco-friendly seafood and groceries, curated for refined tastes. Explore  for convenience and quality. 

Enjoy hassle-free dining with our Easy Plate Collection, impress guests with our Fiesta Collection, and elevate daily meals with our Everyday Collection. Trust Seaco for the best seafood, championing sustainability. Elevate your culinary journey with Seaco today!


At Seaco Online, we believe in making quality seafood accessible to all, regardless of income or lifestyle. Our mission is to bring the ocean’s bounties to your doorstep, ensuring freshness and sustainability every step of the way. 

With our dedication to excellence and convenience, we aim to redefine your seafood experience, making it easier for you to enjoy the finest seafood from the comfort of your home.


At Seaco, we aim to bring the world of seafood closer to every enthusiast. Our focus on quality, timely deliveries, and a global network offer innovative solutions and access to premium seafood products. 

With a commitment to responsible fishing practices and sustainability, we work towards a better future. Experience excellence and sustainability in seafood with Seaco. 


TheSeafoodCompany Group's Retail Brand - Your Trusted Source for Unrivaled Quality and Variety!