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Holy Crab Singapore: A Seafood Lover's Paradise

Holy Crab Singapore: A Seafood Lover's Paradise

If you're looking for a seafood restaurant that offers a unique dining experience, Holy Crab Singapore should definitely be on your list.

Known for serving up some of the best crab dishes in the city, this restaurant has quickly become a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

The bustling streets of Singapore are adorned with colorful buildings and bustling with activity. The iconic symbol of the city, the Merlion, stands proudly in the background, while the famous "holy crab" restaurant sign catches the eye of passersby

The Holy Crab Experience is one that you won't forget in a hurry.

The restaurant offers a variety of crab dishes, including the classic Singapore Chilli Crab, the unique Black Pepper Crab, and the Salted Egg Crab.

You can also enjoy cooking classes, immersion classes, and seasonal promotions at their Capitol flagship restaurant.

Whether you're a seafood lover or just looking for a new dining experience, Holy Crab Singapore is definitely worth a visit.

A majestic crab stands proudly atop a golden platter, surrounded by vibrant spices and herbs, emanating a divine aura at Holy Crab Singapore

The Holy Crab Experience at Tan Quee Lan Street is the perfect restaurant for a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

The restaurant offers a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere that combines traditional and fine dining elements.

Here are some of the highlights of the Holy Crab experience.

Ambience and Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Holy Crab is relaxed and welcoming, with a touch of elegance.

The restaurant has a modern and chic interior that is perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

The lighting is dim and intimate, creating a cosy and comfortable environment.

Chef Elton's Culinary Expertise

Chef Elton is the mastermind behind Holy Crab's unique and delicious dishes.

With over a decade of experience in the culinary industry, he has perfected the art of cooking crab dishes.

Chef Elton's passion for food and creativity is evident in every dish he creates.

Signature Dishes and Unique Flavours

Holy Crab is famous for its signature chilli crab, which is a must-try for anyone visiting the restaurant.

The green chilli crab and balsamic crab are also popular dishes that offer a unique and flavourful experience.

Each dish is prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavour.

In addition to the signature dishes, Holy Crab also offers a range of other crab dishes that are equally delicious.

From the succulent crab meat to the rich and flavourful sauces, every dish is a work of art.

A table set with vibrant blue and white porcelain dishes, delicate silver cutlery, and a centerpiece of fresh seafood at Holy Crab Singapore

Menu Highlights

Holy Crab Singapore offers a variety of crab dishes that are freshly prepared to order.

The menu includes dishes such as the Singapore Red Chilli Crab, Salted Egg Yolk Crab, and Black Pepper Crab.

If you're not a fan of crab, don't worry, as they also offer other seafood and non-seafood options.

The portions are generous, and the ingredients are of high quality.

Service and Hospitality

The staff at Holy Crab Singapore are friendly and accommodating, and they provide excellent service.

They are knowledgeable about the menu and can recommend dishes based on your preferences.

The restaurant has a casual atmosphere, so you can relax and enjoy your meal without feeling intimidated.

The staff is also attentive to your needs, and they will ensure that your dining experience is a pleasant one.

Visiting Holy Crab

Holy Crab Singapore is located at 13 Stamford Road #01-85 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and you can make a reservation online or by phone.

The hours of operation are Monday to Sunday from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

The restaurant is child-friendly, and they can accommodate guests with allergies or dietary restrictions.

If you're looking for a private dining experience, Holy Crab Singapore also offers private dining options for up to 24 guests.

A crowded street with a prominent sign for "Frequently Asked Questions" and a giant crab sculpture, representing Holy Crab in Singapore

What dishes should I try from the Holy Crab menu?

Holy Crab is known for its delicious seafood dishes, particularly their Singaporean-style crab dishes.

Some of the must-try dishes from their menu include the Singapore Red Chilli Crab, the Black Pepper Crab, and the Salted Egg Yolk Crab.

They also offer other seafood options such as prawns and clams, as well as sides like fried rice and mantou buns.

How much should I expect to spend per person at Holy Crab?

The prices at Holy Crab are reasonable for the quality of food and dining experience they offer.

The average cost per person is around SGD 30-50, depending on the dishes you order.

It's worth noting that their signature crab dishes can be slightly more expensive than other items on the menu.

Can I read some reviews on Holy Crab's dining experience?

Yes, you can find reviews on Holy Crab's dining experience on their TripAdvisor page here.

They have received positive reviews for their food quality, service, and overall dining experience.

Where can I find a Holy Crab restaurant nearby?

Holy Crab has one location in Singapore, which is located at Capitol Piazza.

The exact address is 13 Stamford Road #01-85 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905.

You can find directions to the restaurant on their website here.

Does Holy Crab offer a delivery service?

Yes, Holy Crab offers a delivery service through various food delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and GrabFood.

You can also order directly from their website here.

Are there any ongoing promotions at Holy Crab?

Holy Crab occasionally runs promotions and offers on their menu items.

You can check their website or social media pages for updates on any ongoing promotions or discounts.

It's also worth signing up for their newsletter to receive exclusive offers and updates.