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Chinese Celery Salad Recipe: A Refreshing and Easy-to-Make Side Dish

If you're looking for a refreshing and healthy dish to add to your meal, then look no further than the Chinese celery salad recipe. This easy-to-make appetizer or side dish is perfect for those who want to enjoy a fresh and flavourful salad that's packed with nutrients.

A bowl of Chinese celery salad with sliced celery, carrots, and peanuts, dressed in a tangy vinaigrette

To make this salad, you'll need a few simple ingredients, including Chinese celery, peanuts, carrots, and sesame oil. Once you've gathered your ingredients, you'll need to prepare them using a variety of techniques, such as braising the peanuts and slicing the celery into thin strips. Then, you'll mix everything together and season it with a delicious dressing made from sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice vinegar.

Overall, this Chinese celery salad recipe is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a fresh and healthy dish that's full of flavour and nutrients. Whether you're looking for an easy appetizer or a side dish to complement your main course, this salad is sure to be a hit with everyone at the table.

Key Takeaways

  • Chinese celery salad is an easy-to-make dish that's perfect for appetizers or side dishes.
  • The salad is made from a variety of fresh and flavourful ingredients, including Chinese celery, peanuts, and sesame oil.
  • You can add seafood to the recipe for a delicious twist, such as shrimp or squid.

Ingredients Breakdown

Fresh chinese celery, sliced thin. Chopped green onions. Crushed peanuts. Rice vinegar dressing. Soy sauce. Sesame oil. Sugar. Red pepper flakes

When it comes to making a delicious Chinese celery salad, there are a few key ingredients that you will need to have on hand. In this section, we will break down the various components of the salad and discuss the different options that are available to you.

Celery Varieties

Chinese celery is the star of the show in this recipe. This type of celery is thinner and more delicate than the Western variety, with a stronger flavour and a slightly bitter taste. However, if you can't find Chinese celery, you can substitute it with the Western variety, which will work just as well.

Flavour Enhancers

To add some extra flavour to your salad, you can use a variety of different ingredients. Garlic and chili are great options for adding some heat, while sesame oil can add a nutty flavour. If you prefer a sweeter salad, you can add a touch of sugar to the dressing.

Protein Additions

If you want to make your salad more substantial, you can add some protein to it. Chicken or pork are great options if you are not vegan, while peanuts are a great choice for a vegan option. If you want to add seafood, you can use shrimp or crab meat to give your salad a delicious seafood flavour.

Dressing Components

The dressing is what brings all the flavours together in your salad. Soy sauce and tamari are great options for adding some saltiness, while vinegar can add some acidity. You can also add some sesame oil and lime juice for a tangy flavour. If you are gluten-free, make sure to use tamari instead of soy sauce.

In conclusion, making a Chinese celery salad is easy and delicious. With the right ingredients, you can create a flavourful and nutritious dish that is perfect for any occasion.

Preparation Techniques

Chinese celery chopped, mixed with soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. Topped with sesame seeds and chili flakes. Ready to serve

Cleaning and Cutting

Before you start preparing the Chinese celery salad, you need to clean the celery stalks thoroughly. Rinse them under cold water and pat them dry with a clean towel. Cut off the leafy portions and the root end of the stalks. Then, cut the stalks into thin slices, about 1/4 inch thick.

Blanching Celery

To blanch the celery, bring a pot of water to a boil and add a pinch of salt. Once the water is boiling, add the celery slices and cook them for about 1-2 minutes or until they turn bright green. Drain the celery slices and rinse them under cold water to stop the cooking process.

Mixing the Salad

In a mixing bowl, combine the blanched celery slices, chopped garlic, salt, sugar, sesame oil, and lime juice. Mix well until all the ingredients are evenly coated. You can also add chopped Thai chili peppers if you want to add some heat to the salad.

If you want to add some seafood to the salad, you can use cooked shrimp or crab meat. Simply add them to the mixing bowl along with the other ingredients.

Once the salad is mixed, you can refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes to let the flavours meld together. Serve the salad cold as a refreshing side dish or a light lunch.

By following these simple preparation techniques, you can create a delicious Chinese celery salad that is both healthy and flavourful.

Dressing and Seasoning

Chinese celery being washed, chopped, and mixed with sesame oil, soy sauce, and vinegar in a large bowl

When it comes to Chinese celery salad, the dressing and seasoning are key to achieving a delicious and authentic flavour. In this section, we'll explore some homemade sauces and spice infusions that you can use to elevate your salad.

Homemade Sauces

One of the best things about Chinese cuisine is the variety of sauces that are used to flavour dishes. For your celery salad, you can make a simple dressing using soy sauce, rice vinegar, and a drizzle of sesame oil. Alternatively, you can make a more complex sauce by combining soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, and a splash of Chinese black vinegar.

If you prefer a nuttier flavour, you can use nutty sesame oil to make your dressing. This oil is made from toasted sesame seeds and has a rich, nutty taste that pairs well with celery. You can also add a pinch of Sichuan peppercorns to your dressing for a subtle numbing effect.

Spice Infusion

Spices are an important part of Chinese cooking, and they can be used to add depth and complexity to your celery salad. For a classic flavour, you can use a combination of cinnamon, star anise, and ginger to infuse your oil. Simply heat the spices in your oil until fragrant, then strain before using.

If you want to add some heat to your salad, you can make your own chili oil by infusing dried chili flakes in oil. This oil can be used to dress your salad or as a condiment on the side.

Seafood can also be a great addition to your celery salad. You can add cooked shrimp or crab meat to your salad for a refreshing and protein-packed meal. Alternatively, you can use thinly sliced squid or scallops for a more luxurious touch. Just be sure to cook your seafood properly before adding it to your salad.

Nutritional Information

A colorful array of fresh Chinese celery, carrots, and bell peppers, mixed with a tangy dressing, sits atop a clean, white plate

Chinese celery salad is a healthy and delicious dish that is packed with nutrients. Here is the nutritional information for a typical serving of Chinese celery salad:

  • Calories: A serving of Chinese celery salad typically contains around 200-300 calories, making it a great option for those who are watching their calorie intake.

  • Fat: Chinese celery salad is a low-fat dish, with most recipes containing less than 10 grams of fat per serving.

  • Protein: Chinese celery salad is a good source of protein, with most recipes containing around 10-15 grams of protein per serving.

  • Potassium: Celery is a good source of potassium, an essential mineral that helps to regulate blood pressure and support healthy kidney function.

  • Gluten-Free: Chinese celery salad is a naturally gluten-free dish, making it a great option for those who are sensitive to gluten.

If you want to add some extra protein to your Chinese celery salad, you can try adding some seafood. Shrimp or crab meat would be a great addition to this salad, as they are both low in fat and high in protein. Just make sure to cook the seafood thoroughly before adding it to the salad.

Chinese celery salad is a great option for those who are looking for a healthy and delicious dish that is packed with nutrients. With its low calorie and fat content, as well as its high protein and potassium content, this salad is a great choice for anyone who wants to eat well and feel great.

Serving Suggestions

A vibrant bowl of Chinese celery salad, garnished with sesame seeds and sliced almonds, sits on a wooden table next to a pair of chopsticks


Chinese celery salad is a versatile dish that can be served with a variety of accompaniments. Here are some suggestions:

  • Rice: Serve the Chinese celery salad with steamed rice for a filling meal. You can use plain white rice or brown rice for a healthier option.
  • Noodles: Chinese celery salad can also be served with noodles. Thin rice noodles or egg noodles work well, but you can use any type of noodles you like.
  • Vegetables: Add some extra vegetables to the salad for a more nutritious meal. Some good options include shredded carrots, sliced cucumber, and chopped bell peppers.
  • Beer: Chinese celery salad pairs well with a cold beer. Try a light lager or pilsner to balance out the flavours.

Presentation Tips

Chinese celery salad can be presented in a variety of ways to make it more visually appealing. Here are some tips:

  • Garnish: Add some chopped peanuts or sesame seeds on top of the salad for a crunchy texture and added flavour.
  • Colour: Mix in some other colourful vegetables, such as red bell peppers or shredded purple cabbage, to make the salad more visually appealing.
  • Seafood: To make the salad more interesting, you can add some seafood, such as shrimp or crab meat. This will add a new dimension to the salad and make it more filling.

Remember, presentation is key, so take the time to arrange the salad nicely on the plate. You can also serve the salad in individual bowls for a more elegant presentation.

That's it for our serving suggestions. We hope you enjoy your Chinese celery salad! If you have any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bowl of Chinese celery salad surrounded by ingredients and a recipe card

What's the best way to prepare a celery salad with an Asian twist?

To prepare a celery salad with an Asian twist, you can use Asian celery instead of the Western variety. Asian celery has a more herbal and earthy taste. You can also add other Asian ingredients like sesame oil, rice vinegar, and soy sauce to the dressing to give it a more authentic flavour. Additionally, you can add some toasted sesame seeds, chopped scallions, and cilantro to the salad to enhance its taste and texture.

Can you suggest a variation of celery salad that includes chicken?

Yes, you can add cooked chicken to your celery salad to make it more filling and nutritious. To prepare this salad, you can grill or bake the chicken breasts until they are cooked through. Then, slice the chicken into thin strips and add them to the salad. You can also add some sliced almonds or cashews to the salad to give it some crunch.

How do you incorporate soy sauce into a celery salad dressing?

To incorporate soy sauce into a celery salad dressing, you can mix it with other ingredients like rice vinegar, sesame oil, honey, and ginger. You can also add some garlic, lime juice, and chilli flakes to the dressing to give it some extra flavour. Adjust the amount of soy sauce according to your taste preferences.

What's a simple method for making a celery peanut salad?

To make a celery peanut salad, you can start by boiling some peanuts in salted water until they are tender. Then, drain the peanuts and let them cool. In a separate bowl, mix some chopped celery, scallions, and cilantro with a dressing made of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and honey. Add the boiled peanuts to the salad and toss everything together. You can also add some sliced chillies or chilli flakes to the salad to give it some heat.

Are the leaves of Chinese celery used differently in recipes?

Yes, the leaves of Chinese celery are often used in soups and stews to add flavour and nutrition. They have a stronger taste than the stalks and are more commonly used in Chinese cuisine. You can also chop the leaves and add them to your celery salad to give it some extra texture and flavour.

Could you explain how Sichuan celery salad differs from other celery salads?

Sichuan celery salad is a Chinese dish that features celery and tofu as the main ingredients. The dressing is made with a combination of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and chilli oil, giving it a spicy and tangy flavour. The salad is often garnished with chopped peanuts, scallions, and cilantro. This salad has a unique flavour profile that sets it apart from other celery salads.

If you want to add seafood to your celery salad, you can use cooked shrimp or crab meat. Simply add them to the salad along with the other ingredients and toss everything together. The seafood will add some extra protein and flavour to the salad.