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Authentic Chinese Flavours: Fried Cabbage Recipe

Looking for a healthy vegetarian dish that is both healthy and full of flavour? Look no further than the fried cabbage Chinese recipe. This simple yet delicious dish is a favourite in Chinese cuisine due to its  tender yet crispy cabbage leaves and savoury seasoning. It is simple to make and sure to satisfy your taste buds.

A wok sizzles with stir-fried cabbage, garlic, and soy sauce. Steam rises as the cabbage softens and caramelizes, creating a savory aroma

To make this dish, you'll need just a few essential ingredients, including cabbage, soy sauce, and vegetable oil. The preparation techniques are simple, and the cooking process is quick and easy. With a few adjustments to the seasoning, you can customise the flavour profile to suit your tastes.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, the fried cabbage Chinese recipe is a great choice. It's a dish that's both healthy and delicious, and it's sure to impress your friends and family. So why not give it a try today?

Key Takeaways

  • The fried cabbage Chinese recipe is a healthy and delicious vegetarian dish.
  • The essential ingredients include cabbage, soy sauce, and vegetable oil.
  • With a few adjustments to the seasoning, you can customise the flavour profile to suit your tastes.

Essential Ingredients

Sizzling cabbage in hot wok, with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Smoke rising, aroma filling the kitchen

When it comes to making Chinese fried cabbage, the right ingredients can make all the difference. In this section, we'll go over the essential ingredients you'll need to make the perfect fried cabbage dish.

Choosing the Right Cabbage

The type of cabbage you use can have a big impact on the final dish. Napa cabbage is a popular choice in Chinese cuisine, but you can also use regular green cabbage if that's what you have on hand. Make sure to choose a cabbage that is fresh and firm, with crisp leaves.

Proteins and Vegetables

While cabbage is the star of the show in this dish, adding some protein and other vegetables can help to round out the flavours. You can use a variety of proteins, such as pork, chicken, beef, or seafood. If you're looking to add some seafood to your dish, try using shrimp or scallops. Vegetables like carrots, green onions, and scallions can also be added for extra flavour and nutrition.

Sauces and Seasonings

Sauces and seasonings are what really bring this dish to life. Soy sauce, garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar are all commonly used in Chinese cuisine and can be used to season your fried cabbage dish. Sesame oil, oyster sauce, and ginger can also be used to add depth of flavour. Make sure to use high-quality ingredients for the best results.

Overall, the key to making a delicious Chinese fried cabbage dish is to use fresh, high-quality ingredients and to season it well. Don't be afraid to experiment with different proteins and vegetables to find the perfect combination for your taste buds.

Preparation Techniques

Sliced cabbage sizzling in hot oil with garlic and ginger, soy sauce being drizzled in, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds added

Prepping the Cabbage

Fried cabbage is a popular Chinese dish that requires a few simple preparation techniques. The first step is to cut the cabbage into bite-size pieces. You can either hand-torn the cabbage or julienne it, depending on your preference. If you choose to hand-torn it, make sure to remove the hard stem in the middle of the cabbage.

Once the cabbage is cut, it is important to rinse it thoroughly under cold water and drain it well. This will help to remove any dirt or debris that may be present on the leaves.

Marinating Proteins

Fried cabbage can be enjoyed with a variety of proteins such as pork belly, chicken, beef, pork, or tofu. Before cooking, it is recommended to marinate the protein in a mixture of soy sauce, rice wine, and cornstarch. This will help to tenderize the meat and add flavor to the dish.

If you are looking to add seafood to your fried cabbage dish, consider using shrimp or scallops. Simply marinate the seafood in the same mixture as the protein and stir-fry it with the cabbage.

Overall, preparing fried cabbage is a simple and easy process that requires minimal ingredients and preparation time. With the right techniques, you can create a delicious and healthy dish that is perfect for any occasion.

Cooking Process

Cabbage sizzling in hot oil, garlic and ginger added, steam rising, soy sauce drizzled, and tossing in a wok

Using the Wok

To make Chinese fried cabbage, you will need a wok. A wok is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used for stir-frying, deep-frying, and steaming. It is typically made of carbon steel and has a round bottom that allows for even heating. When using a wok, it is important to heat it properly. Place the wok on high heat and let it heat up for a few minutes. Add cooking oil to the wok and swirl it around to coat the sides.

Stir-Fry Methodology

Once the wok is heated, add the Sichuan peppercorns and fry them until they turn dark. Scoop out the peppercorns and add the dried chili pepper and cabbage. Cook until the cabbage is tender but still crunchy. Drizzle with soy sauce and stir-fry for a few more minutes.

When stir-frying, it is important to keep the heat high and the ingredients moving. Use a spatula or a pair of tongs to flip and toss the ingredients in the wok. This will ensure that they cook evenly and do not burn.

To achieve the perfect texture for your stir-fried cabbage, it is important to pay attention to cook time. Overcooking the cabbage will result in a mushy texture, while undercooking it will result in a tough texture. The total cook time should be around 5-7 minutes.

If you want to add seafood to your Chinese stir-fry, you can use prawns or scallops. Simply add them to the wok after frying the Sichuan peppercorns and cook until they are pink and opaque. This will add a delicious seafood flavour to your dish.

In summary, to make Chinese fried cabbage, you will need a wok, cooking oil, Sichuan peppercorns, dried chili pepper, soy sauce and cabbage. Heat the wok, add the peppercorns, fry them, add the cabbage and chili pepper, stir-fry for a few minutes, and drizzle with soy sauce. Keep the heat high, the ingredients moving, and pay attention to cook time to achieve the perfect texture.

Flavour Profile and Adjustments

Sizzling cabbage stir-frying in a wok with soy sauce, garlic, and ginger, emitting a savory aroma

Chinese fried cabbage is a dish that is known for its balance of sweet and savoury flavours. Achieving this balance is key to creating a delicious and flavourful dish. Here are some tips on how to achieve the perfect flavour profile.

Balancing Sweet and Savoury

To balance the sweetness and savouriness of the dish, you can adjust the amount of light soy sauce and black vinegar you use. Light soy sauce adds saltiness to the dish, while black vinegar adds a tangy flavour. You can adjust the amount of each ingredient to suit your taste. If you prefer a sweeter dish, you can add a little more sugar. If you prefer a more savoury dish, you can add more soy sauce.

Another way to add flavour to the dish is to use Sichuan peppercorns. These peppercorns add a unique flavour to the dish that is both spicy and numbing. You can also add dried red chilies or chili peppers to add heat to the dish.

Achieving the Perfect Heat

If you like your fried cabbage spicy, you can adjust the amount of chilies or peppercorns you use. Be careful not to use too much, as it can overpower the dish. You can also adjust the heat by using different types of chilies. If you want a milder heat, you can use sweet peppers instead of spicy ones.

If you want to add seafood to the dish, you can use shrimp or scallops. These seafood options go well with the sweet and savoury flavours of the dish. Simply cook the seafood separately and add it to the dish at the end.

Overall, Chinese fried cabbage is a delicious and flavourful dish that can be adjusted to suit your taste. By balancing the sweet and savoury flavours and adjusting the heat, you can create a dish that is perfect for you.

Serving and Pairings

A sizzling wok fries shredded cabbage with garlic and soy sauce. A bowl of steamed rice and chopsticks sit nearby


Fried Chinese cabbage is a versatile dish that can be served as a side dish with steamed rice, noodles, or soups. The dish can also be paired with a salad for a light and refreshing meal.

To add more flavour and texture to your meal, you can consider adding some green cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, or onions to the stir-fry. These vegetables complement the fried cabbage and add more colour and nutrition to your meal.

For seafood lovers, you can also add some seafood to the stir-fry. Prawns or scallops are a great addition to the dish, and they pair well with the savoury flavours of the stir-fry.

Presentation Tips

To make your fried cabbage dish look more appealing, you can serve it in a colourful bowl or dish. You can also garnish the dish with some chopped scallions or sesame seeds to add more flavour and texture.

If you are serving the dish as a main course, you can consider adding some protein to the meal. Grilled chicken or tofu are great options that pair well with the dish and add more nutrition to your meal.

When serving the dish as a side, you can consider pairing it with some steamed rice or noodles. This will help balance out the flavours and textures of the meal and make it more satisfying.

Overall, fried Chinese cabbage is a delicious and easy-to-make dish that can be served in many different ways. With a few simple additions and presentation tips, you can turn this simple stir-fry into a restaurant-quality meal that your family and friends will love.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sizzling wok filled with stir-fried cabbage, carrots, and onions, emitting aromatic Chinese spices. A chef's hand sprinkles soy sauce over the sizzling vegetables

How do you prepare cabbage for a stir fry?

To prepare cabbage for a stir fry, first remove the outer leaves and cut the cabbage into quarters. Then, remove the core and slice the cabbage into thin strips. Rinse the cabbage and pat dry with a paper towel before cooking.

Can you make a vegetarian version of Chinese cabbage stir fry?

Yes, you can make a vegetarian version of Chinese cabbage stir fry. Simply omit the meat and use vegetable broth or water instead of chicken broth. You can also add tofu or mushrooms for a protein boost.

What's the secret to getting that authentic taste in Chinese cabbage dishes?

The secret to getting an authentic taste in Chinese cabbage dishes is to use the right combination of seasonings. Soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and rice vinegar are commonly used in Chinese cuisine and can add depth and complexity to your dish.

Is stir-fried cabbage actually healthy?

Yes, stir-fried cabbage can be a healthy dish. Cabbage is low in calories and high in fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. However, the amount of oil and salt used in the dish can affect its overall nutritional value.

Which type of cabbage is typically used in Chinese cooking?

The type of cabbage typically used in Chinese cooking is Napa cabbage, also known as Chinese cabbage. It has a mild flavor and a tender texture that makes it perfect for stir-frying.

Why would you add vinegar when cooking cabbage?

Adding vinegar when cooking cabbage can help to balance its natural sweetness and add a tangy flavor to the dish. Rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar are good options to use in Chinese cabbage recipes.

If you are looking to add some seafood to your Chinese cabbage stir fry, you could try adding prawns or scallops. They would pair well with the cabbage and add a delicious seafood flavor to the dish.