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Traders Hotel Seafood Buffet Price in Singapore: Affordable Seafood Choices

If you're a seafood lover in Singapore, you're in luck! Traders Hotel in Singapore offers a delicious seafood buffet that's sure to satisfy your cravings. The buffet features a wide array of seafood dishes that are freshly prepared and served to your liking.

Savour the Flavours of the sea with dishes such as prawns, crabs, fish, and more. The chefs at Traders Hotel take great care in sourcing the freshest seafood available, ensuring that you get the best quality dishes. You can indulge in your favourite seafood dishes without worrying about the price, as the buffet is reasonably priced.

Indulge Without Worry and enjoy the seafood buffet at Traders Hotel without breaking the bank. You can plan your visit in advance to ensure that you get a seat at the buffet. The hotel offers a convenient online booking system that allows you to reserve your table in advance. With so many delicious dishes to choose from, you'll want to plan your visit to Traders Hotel today.

Key Takeaways

  • Savour the Flavours of the sea with Traders Hotel's delicious seafood buffet.
  • Indulge Without Worry and enjoy the buffet without breaking the bank.
  • Planning Your Visit is easy with Traders Hotel's convenient online booking system.

Savour the Flavours

If you're looking for a seafood buffet that will tantalise your taste buds, then look no further than the Traders Hotel in Singapore. With a wide selection of exquisite seafood dishes, you're sure to find something that will satisfy your cravings.

Exquisite Seafood Selection

The Traders Hotel seafood buffet offers a wide range of seafood dishes, from succulent prawns to juicy lobsters. You can also indulge in a variety of sushi and sashimi, as well as freshly shucked oysters. The seafood is cooked to perfection, ensuring that you get the best possible taste.

In addition to the seafood, there are also a variety of other dishes available, such as salads, soups, and hot dishes. Whether you're a seafood lover or not, there's something for everyone at the Traders Hotel seafood buffet.

Signature Dishes

One of the signature dishes at the Traders Hotel seafood buffet is the chilli crab. This dish is a must-try for anyone who loves seafood. The crab is cooked in a spicy sauce that is both sweet and savoury, making it a flavourful and satisfying dish.

Another signature dish is the lobster thermidor. This dish features succulent lobster meat cooked in a creamy sauce, and is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Overall, the Traders Hotel seafood buffet is a must-visit for anyone who loves seafood. With its exquisite selection of dishes and signature dishes, you're sure to have a memorable dining experience.

Indulge Without Worry

If you're looking for a seafood buffet that won't break the bank, look no further than the Traders Hotel in Singapore. With its extensive selection of fresh seafood, delicious sides, and desserts, this buffet is sure to satisfy your cravings. And the best part? You can indulge without worrying about the cost.

Transparent Pricing

Traders Hotel believes in transparent pricing, which means you don't have to worry about any hidden fees or charges. The seafood buffet price is SGD 70 per person, which includes free-flowing soft drinks and juices. If you prefer something stronger, you can opt for the SGD 98 package, which includes free-flowing beer and wine. Children between the ages of six and 12 can enjoy the buffet at half price, while children under six dine for free.

Special Offers and Discounts

Traders Hotel offers a range of special offers and discounts throughout the year. For example, if you're a UOB cardholder, you can enjoy a 1-for-1 seafood buffet promotion. This means you and a guest can enjoy the buffet for the price of one. Other promotions include discounts for senior citizens, early bird specials, and birthday promotions.

Overall, the Traders Hotel seafood buffet is a great choice for seafood lovers who want to indulge without breaking the bank. With its transparent pricing and special offers, you can enjoy a delicious meal without worrying about the cost. So why not treat yourself to a seafood feast today?

Planning Your Visit

If you're planning to visit Traders Hotel for their seafood buffet, there are a few things you should know before you go. Here's what you need to know to make the most of your visit:

Location and Hours

Traders Hotel is located at 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249716. The hotel is easily accessible by public transport, with the Orchard MRT station just a short walk away. If you're driving, there is ample parking available at the hotel.

The seafood buffet is available at Cafebiz, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant. The buffet is available for lunch and dinner, with different prices for each. Lunch is served from 12pm to 3pm, while dinner is served from 6:30pm to 10pm.

Reservation Details

To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you make a reservation before visiting Cafebiz for the seafood buffet. You can make a reservation by calling the hotel directly or by using their online reservation system.

The price of the seafood buffet varies depending on the day and time of your visit. Lunch prices start from $39++ per person, while dinner prices start from $50++ per person. Prices are subject to change, so it's best to check the hotel's website or call ahead to confirm.

Overall, Traders Hotel's seafood buffet is a great option for seafood lovers looking for a delicious meal in a comfortable setting. With its convenient location and reasonable prices, it's a great choice for a special occasion or a night out with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the lobster buffet at Hotel Jen compare in price?

If you're looking for a seafood buffet in Singapore, you might have come across Hotel Jen Tanglin and their famous lobster buffet. While the Traders Hotel seafood buffet is known for its extensive selection of seafood, the lobster buffet at Hotel Jen Tanglin is a must-try for lobster lovers. The price for the lobster buffet is slightly higher than the Traders Hotel seafood buffet, but it's worth it for the quality and quantity of lobster you get to enjoy.

What are the prices for the breakfast buffet at Traders Hotel?

If you're planning to start your day with a hearty breakfast, the Traders Hotel breakfast buffet is a great option. The breakfast buffet at Traders Hotel features a wide variety of international and local dishes, including fresh fruits, pastries, eggs, and more. Prices for the breakfast buffet start from SGD 35 per person, and it's a great value for money considering the quality and variety of food you get to enjoy.

Are there any exciting deals for buffets at Hotel Jen Tanglin?

Yes, there are! Hotel Jen Tanglin often offers exciting deals and promotions for their buffets, including their famous lobster buffet. Keep an eye on their website or social media pages to stay updated on the latest promotions. You can also sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive deals and offers straight to your inbox. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy a great seafood buffet at a great price!