Cooked Fish Ball - Big (20pcs)

Cooked Fish Ball - Big (20pcs)

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Treat yourself to the ocean's goodness with our delicious Cooked Fish Ball - Big (20pcs). These sizable bites of seafood joy are made with care in Singapore and can enhance any meal with their deep-sea flavors. Each pack includes twenty fish balls, totaling 500g, and they're kept cold to maintain their freshness and taste.

Our Cooked Fish Ball - Big (20pcs) can take the spotlight in your dish or be a delightful addition to your recipes. You can stir-fry them with your favorite veggies, put them in your noodle soup for a comforting meal, or even skewer them for a quick barbecue treat. The options are endless, and each one is a tasty adventure waiting to be explored.

If you love seafood, you'll appreciate how versatile and convenient our Cooked Fish Ball - Big (20pcs) is. They're already cooked perfectly, so you save time in the kitchen without sacrificing quality. Now you can enjoy the taste of the sea anytime, right at home.

We're dedicated to quality, making sure only the finest seafood reaches your kitchen. We source our ingredients responsibly, ensuring sustainability while delivering the fresh, uncompromising flavor you expect from premium seafood.

Let your culinary creativity discover the many dishes you can create with this versatile ingredient.

Add this seafood delight to your cart today and experience the authentic taste of the ocean!


Made in: Singapore

Comes in: 20 pieces per pack

Weighing: 500g per pack

 Storage Type: Chilled


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