Chilean Sea Bass (Steak Cut, 500g)
Chilean Sea Bass (Steak Cut, 500g)

Chilean Sea Bass (Steak Cut, 500g)

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Our Chilean Sea Bass is a steak cut that celebrates the ocean's riches. This isn't your ordinary fish because each bite of our Chilean Sea Bass takes you to the tranquil shores of Argentina, where this remarkable fish is sourced. Weighing a generous 500g per pack, it offers a high-protein, tasty alternative to red meat without compromising on flavor or texture.

The steak cut is ideal for grilling or pan-searing. A simple seasoning of salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon, followed by medium-heat cooking until it's golden brown, yields restaurant-quality results right in your own kitchen. Want to make a twist? Try a white wine and garlic sauce. The wine's subtle tanginess and the aromatic garlic perfectly complement the fish's richness, creating a symphony of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Elevate your dining table with the finest flavors from the ocean now with our Chilean Sea Bass. Place your order now and enjoy the culinary experience this dish will offer.

So go ahead, indulge. Life's too short for ordinary food.


A mouthwatering, high protein, and healthier option than red meat. This wonderful white fish has that fabulous taste and sinful mouthfeel. High in fat content, it gives a rich, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth sensation with every large tender flake's bite.


Harvested from: Argentina

Weighing:  500g per pack

Storage Type: Frozen

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