6pc Sashimi Grade Miyagi Oyster
6pc Sashimi Grade Miyagi Oyster
6pc Sashimi Grade Miyagi Oyster

6pc Sashimi Grade Miyagi Oyster

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Savor the incredible taste of our Sashimi Grade Miyagi Oysters, harvested from Japan's Miyagi Prefecture. These oysters are a true gift from nature's bounty.

These oysters are far from ordinary; they are a genuine delicacy, meticulously nurtured to perfection with the utmost care and attention. The dedicated farmers of Miyagi Prefecture employ time-honored techniques to ensure each oyster reaches its peak size, promising an indulgent feast of flavor.

Our Sashimi Grade Miyagi Oysters are incredibly versatile. You can enjoy them fresh and raw to appreciate their natural sweetness. Or you can get creative and cook them in various ways, like grilling with garlic butter or baking with cheese and herbs.

We understand your love for seafood, and we do too. That's why we freeze these oysters at their peak freshness to preserve their fantastic taste.

Don't wait any longer; bring the ocean's treasure into your kitchen. Order now, and we'll deliver this exceptional seafood experience right to your doorstep. You deserve the very best!

These huge oysters are flash-frozen and imported from Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, to maintain the oyster freshness for raw consumption. Miyagi Prefecture seas are rich in nutrients, and it takes about a year for the oysters to grow to a suitable size. Oysters produced in Miyagi Prefecture are designated as fit for raw consumption. Its sweet, sea fresh, delicious taste will make you want to eat it non-stop.

Besides the qualities of the sea and environment, oyster farmers have various farming techniques, which can boost the growth and harvest of the oysters. As such, you're pretty much guaranteed top-class oysters from Miyagi Prefecture.

These huge plump oysters are approx. Four inches or slightly longer, it's highly suitable for a tasty mouthful of morsel. 

Country of Origin: JAPAN