Handmade Noodles (3kg)

Handmade Noodles (3kg)

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Originating from Singapore's rich culinary heritage, each pack of these noodles weighs a generous 3kg, ensuring you have an abundance of servings to create delightful dishes.

Keep these noodles in your refrigerator and let them become the secret ingredient that elevates your seafood creations to an entirely new level. These noodles possess a subtle flavor and a perfect texture, making them the ideal canvas for showcasing the ocean's treasures.

Are you a fan of classic seafood pasta dishes? Our Handmade Noodles are your gateway to crafting the perfect plate of spaghetti marinara or linguine alle vongole. The culinary possibilities are limitless! You can stir-fry them in a pan with some garlic, chili, and prawns for a zesty and spicy treat, or immerse them in a creamy sauce with scallops and mussels for an opulent dinner.

The versatility of our Handmade Noodles extends far beyond seafood. Utilize them to create a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup or stir-fry them alongside an array of fresh vegetables for a quick and wholesome meal. Their neutral taste makes them adaptable to any flavor profile you desire to create.

Bring a piece of Singapore's culinary heritage into your very own kitchen today. Allow our Handmade Noodles to take center stage at your next seafood extravaganza. Your taste buds will be eternally grateful.

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Made in : Singapore

Weighing : 3kg per pack


Storage Type: Chiller


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