Premium Steamboat Bundle (serves 4-6)

Premium Steamboat Bundle (serves 4-6)

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Experience the ocean's treasures with our Premium Steamboat Bundle, a seafood feast for 4-6 people. This bundle is more than a meal; it's a celebration of the sea's abundance.

Picture slicing into tender Toman fish (200g) with delicate flavors. Savor buttery Atlantic Salmon Portions (450g) that showcase the ocean's splendor. But there's more! Enjoy creamy Cheese Tofu (500g), a blend of sea and land. Delight in Lobster Balls (500g) bursting with succulent flavor. Try Fisro (500g) for an exotic taste that reflects the sea's diversity.

The star is Japanese Scallops (500g) with sweet, tender meat. Savor Surimi Snow Crab Legs (500g) with sweet, succulent meat. Red Sea Prawns (1kg) add luxury with their vibrant color and rich flavor.

Fresh vegetables like cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, corn, enoki, pumpkin, lotus root, and cabbage complement the seafood with color and freshness. Cooking is an adventure. Steamboat cooking is about sharing with loved ones, enjoying stories over a simmering pot. It's easy - simmer broth, add ingredients, and let the magic happen.

Dive into our Premium Steamboat Bundle, a celebration of the sea's generosity. Order now and bring the ocean's finest to your home with a simple click. Enjoy the sea's flavors from your own kitchen.


Premium Steamboat Bundle includes:

200g Toman Slice

450g Atlantic Salmon Portion

500g Cheese Tofu

500g Lobster Ball

500g Fisro

500g Japanese Scallop

500g Surimi Snow crab Leg

1kg Red Sea Prawn

Fresh Vegetables (cherry tomato, mushroom, broccoli, corn, enoki, pumpkin, lotus root, cabbage)  

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