Frozen Red Sea Prawns (800g)
Frozen Red Sea Prawns (800g)

Frozen Red Sea Prawns (800g)

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Dive into the deliciousness of the Red Sea right from your own kitchen. Meet our Frozen Red Sea Cooked Prawns, a tasty treat from the salty depths that will make your cooking experience amazing.

These prawns come from the clear waters of Saudi Arabia, which are part of the Red Sea. The saltiness of this sea gives these prawns an exceptional flavor, making them a top choice for seafood lovers.

Each box has a generous 800g of prawns, plenty for you and your family. They're frozen to keep them fresh and tasty until they're on your plate.

Think about all the dishes you can make with these prawns. You can stir-fry them with garlic and chili for a spicy prawn dish or cook them in a creamy bisque for a comforting meal. The possibilities are endless.

But what's great about these prawns is that they taste amazing even with simple recipes. Just a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of salt can make these prawns delicious.

Remember, fantastic cooking starts with fantastic ingredients. And these Frozen Red Sea Cooked Prawns are just that – fantastic. They show our commitment to bringing you the best seafood options you can easily enjoy at home.

So why wait? Bring the Red Sea's taste to your table now!

Thanks to the Red Sea's high salinity compared with seawater in other parts of the world, the red sea prawns are priced at a premium as they are known for their rich flavour.

Harvested in : Saudi Arabi

Weighing : 800g per box

Storage Type: Frozen


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