Hokkien Flat Noodles (420g)

Hokkien Flat Noodles (420g)

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Experience the deep, rich essence of the ocean with every mouthful with our Hokkien Flat Noodles. 

However, the real magic unfolds when you start cooking. These noodles are versatile and incredibly easy to prepare. They serve as the perfect foundation for a multitude of seafood-based dishes. But if you're feeling adventurous, why not create your very own signature dish? With our Hokkien Flat Noodles, you're the master chef. You're in complete control. You determine the ingredients and how they're prepared. This is your golden opportunity to experiment, innovate, and craft something truly extraordinary.

Discover the authentic taste of Singapore with our Hokkien Flat Noodles today!

Our Hokkien Flat Noodles are here, eagerly awaiting your culinary inspiration. All it takes is one simple click. So, don't hesitate any longer. Take the plunge and submerge yourself in the realm of seafood with our Hokkien Flat Noodles.

Your culinary escapade awaits.


Made in : Singapore

Weighing : 420g per pack


Storage Type: Chiller


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