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Sunset Way Seafood Singapore: A Friendly Guide to the Best Seafood in Town

Sunset Way Seafood Singapore: A Friendly Guide to the Best Seafood in Town

If you're looking for a great seafood dining experience in Singapore, look no further than Sunset Way. This charming neighbourhood is home to a number of excellent seafood restaurants that offer a range of dishes to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you're in the mood for a simple fish and chips or a more elaborate seafood platter, you're sure to find something to satisfy your appetite in Sunset Way.

Many of the seafood restaurants in Sunset Way take great pride in using only the freshest ingredients, and many of them have their own fishmongers on site to ensure that their fish is as fresh as possible. In addition to seafood, many of these restaurants also offer a range of other dishes, such as pasta, steak, and vegetarian options, so there's something for everyone. And if you're looking for something sweet to finish off your meal, be sure to try one of the many delicious desserts on offer, such as the classic crème brûlée or the more exotic mango sticky rice.

Key Takeaways

  • Sunset Way is a great neighbourhood to visit if you're looking for a seafood dining experience in Singapore.
  • Many of the seafood restaurants in Sunset Way pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients, and offer a range of other dishes to suit all tastes.
  • Be sure to save room for dessert, as there are many delicious options to choose from.

Dining Experience at Sunset Way

If you're looking for a seafood feast, Sunset Way is the perfect place to go. The area is home to several seafood restaurants, including Chin Huat Live Seafood, which is known for its live seafood and signature gravy. When you dine at Sunset Way, you can expect a friendly atmosphere and attentive service.

Ambience and Service

The restaurants in Sunset Way are known for their clean and welcoming atmosphere. The service is also excellent, with staff members who are attentive and friendly. Whether you're dining with family or friends, you can expect a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Menu Highlights

The menu at Chin Huat Live Seafood is extensive, with a variety of dishes to choose from. Some of the highlights include the Sri Lankan crab, lobster, and prawns, which are all served live. The black pepper crab and the signature gravy are also must-tries. For those who prefer non-seafood dishes, the crispy suckling pig and fragrant salted egg yolk are highly recommended.

If you're in the mood for noodles, the Superior Broth Noodles with Steamed Bamboo Clam is a popular choice. The Rojak and Crispy Sotong Rojak are also great appetizers to start your meal. The Bamboo Clams in Golden Sauce and the Clams in Chilli and Garlic are excellent choices for those who love clams.

The restaurants in Sunset Way also offer a variety of side dishes, such as the pumpkin and cereal. If you're a fan of Teochew cuisine, you can't go wrong with the Bamboo Clams in Fragrant Teochew Style.

Overall, the dining experience at Sunset Way is a must-try for seafood lovers. With its live seafood, friendly service, and excellent menu options, it's no wonder that it's become a popular dining destination in Singapore.

Specialty Dishes and Desserts

Signature Seafood Selection

When it comes to seafood, Sunset Way Seafood offers a wide range of fresh and delicious options. Their signature dishes include the Golden Sauce Crab, Alaskan King Crab, and Boston Lobster. These dishes are a must-try for seafood lovers. The crabs are cooked to perfection, and the golden sauce is a delightful blend of spices and gravy that complements the sweetness of the crab meat.

Apart from the crabs, you can also try their prawns, lobsters, and bamboo clams. These are all fresh and cooked to perfection. The gravy and chilli rojak served with the seafood add an extra layer of flavour that will leave you wanting more.

Sweet Endings

After indulging in the fresh seafood, it's time to satisfy your sweet tooth with some delectable desserts. Sunset Way Seafood offers a range of desserts that are perfect for ending your meal on a sweet note. The Coconut Pudding is a must-try. It's a creamy and delicious dessert that is made with fresh coconut milk. The pudding is served in a coconut shell and is topped with shredded coconut for added texture.

If you're an ice cream lover, you must try their Coconut Ice Cream. It's a refreshing and creamy dessert that is made with fresh coconut milk. The ice cream is served in a coconut shell, which adds to the overall experience.

In addition to these desserts, Sunset Way Seafood also offers other sweet treats such as ice cream and cakes. Whatever your preference, you're sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Overall, Sunset Way Seafood is a great place to indulge in some fresh seafood and delicious desserts. The friendly staff and cosy atmosphere make it the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Practical Information

Opening Hours and Reservations

If you're planning to dine at Sunset Way Seafood Singapore, it's important to note that the restaurant is open daily from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM. It's recommended that you make a reservation in advance, especially during peak hours and special occasions like Lunar New Year. You can call the restaurant at +65 6778 7198 to make a reservation.

Location and Accessibility

Sunset Way Seafood Singapore is located at 105 Clementi Street 12, Sunset Way #01-30 Singapore 120105. It's situated in the heartlands, making it a popular spot for families and friends to gather for a meal. The restaurant is easily accessible by public transport, with several bus stops located nearby. If you're driving, there's also ample parking available in the vicinity.

Whether you're a solo traveller or dining with a group, Sunset Way Seafood Singapore is a must-visit for anyone looking for delicious seafood dishes. The restaurant is well-known for its heartland charm and home-made beancurd. The menu features a variety of dishes, including pork, which is a popular choice among diners.

If you're looking for a mid to high-range dining experience, Sunset Way Seafood Singapore is a hidden gem worth checking out. The restaurant has received excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, with diners praising the food, service, and atmosphere. The restaurant is also transparent about its prices, with a set lunch menu available for just $11.90.

Overall, Sunset Way Seafood Singapore is a great option for families, couples, and friends looking for a friendly and delicious dining experience.

Sustainability and Quality

When it comes to seafood, quality and sustainability are two of the most important factors to consider. At Sunset Way Seafood Singapore, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of both worlds.

The live seafood offered at Sunset Way Seafood Singapore is sourced from reputable suppliers who adhere to sustainable fishing practices. This means that the seafood you enjoy is not only fresh and delicious but also obtained in a way that minimises harm to the environment and ensures that fish populations are not depleted.

In addition to sourcing sustainable seafood, Sunset Way Seafood Singapore also takes pride in offering excellent service. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the menu or the seafood itself.

If you are looking for a seafood restaurant in Singapore that values transparency, look no further than Sunset Way Seafood Singapore. The restaurant has a transparency report available on its website, which details where the seafood comes from and how it was sourced. This level of transparency is rare in the industry, and it demonstrates Sunset Way Seafood Singapore's commitment to providing customers with the highest quality seafood possible.

Overall, whether you are a seafood lover or simply looking for a great dining experience, Sunset Way Seafood Singapore is the perfect choice. With its focus on sustainability, quality, and transparency, you can feel good about the seafood you are eating and the restaurant you are supporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dishes are featured on Chin Huat Live Seafood's menu?

Chin Huat Live Seafood offers a wide variety of dishes featuring fresh seafood. Some of the popular dishes include Golden Sauce Crab, Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Steamed Fish, and Prawns in Herbal Soup. They also offer a selection of non-seafood dishes such as Fried Rice and Vegetables. You can find their full menu on their website here.

How do the prices at Chin Huat Live Seafood compare to other seafood spots?

Chin Huat Live Seafood's prices are mid-range, with most dishes averaging around S$30-S$40. While they are not the cheapest seafood spot in Singapore, their prices are reasonable for the quality of food and service they provide. You can check out other seafood spots in Singapore to compare prices, but Chin Huat Live Seafood is known for its fresh and delicious seafood.

Could you provide directions to Chin Huat Live Seafood?

Chin Huat Live Seafood is located at Blk 105 Clementi Street 12, Sunset Way #01-30, Singapore 120105. If you are taking public transport, you can take the MRT to Clementi Station and then take bus 183 to Sunset Way. Alternatively, you can take bus 52 or 61 from Jurong East Interchange and alight at Sunset Way. If you are driving, there is ample parking available.

What are some customer impressions of Chin Huat Live Seafood?

Customers rave about the freshness and quality of the seafood at Chin Huat Live Seafood. Many recommend the Golden Sauce Crab and Chilli Crab as must-tries. Customers also appreciate the friendly and efficient service provided by the staff. Some customers have noted that the restaurant can get quite crowded, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

Where can one find a good variety of live seafood in Singapore?

Singapore is known for its fresh seafood, and there are many places to find a good variety of live seafood. Besides Chin Huat Live Seafood, some popular spots include Jumbo Seafood, Long Beach Seafood, and No Signboard Seafood. Many of these seafood spots offer similar dishes, but each has its own unique twist. It is recommended to try a few different places to find your favourite.