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Keelung Seafood Singapore: Where to Find the Best Seafood in Town

Keelung Seafood Singapore: Where to Find the Best Seafood in Town

If you're a seafood lover, you're in for a treat in Keelung, a bustling port city in Taiwan. This city is known for its seafood markets and restaurants that serve up the freshest catches of the day. And if you're in Singapore, you don't have to fly all the way to Taiwan to get a taste of Keelung's seafood. There are plenty of restaurants and markets in Singapore that offer Keelung-style seafood.

Exploring Keelung's seafood scene is a must for any seafood lover. The city's night markets are a great place to start. Here, you'll find vendors selling all kinds of seafood, from grilled squid to seafood soup. If you're feeling adventurous, try the raw oysters, which are said to be some of the best in the world. And if you're not sure what to try, just follow the locals – they know where to find the best food.

In Singapore, you can experience the best of Keelung's seafood without leaving the country. There are plenty of seafood restaurants that serve up Keelung-style dishes, such as seafood soup, grilled squid, and raw oysters. And if you're looking for fresh seafood to cook at home, head to one of Singapore's wet markets, where you can find a wide variety of seafood at affordable prices.

Key Takeaways

  • Keelung is a must-visit destination for seafood lovers, with its bustling seafood markets and restaurants.
  • Singapore offers a taste of Keelung's seafood scene, with plenty of restaurants and markets that serve up Keelung-style dishes.
  • Whether you're in Keelung or Singapore, be sure to try the raw oysters – they're some of the best in the world.

Exploring Keelung's Seafood Scene

If you're a seafood lover, then Keelung is a must-visit destination. The city has a rich and diverse seafood scene that offers a unique culinary experience. Here are some of the top highlights you won't want to miss.

Bisha Fish Market

A visit to Keelung's Bisha Fish Market is a must for anyone interested in fresh seafood. The market is known for its wide variety of seafood, including fish, crabs, prawns, and shellfish. You can find both local and imported seafood at the market, and the prices are reasonable.

One of the unique things about the market is that you can actually choose your seafood and have it cooked on the spot. This means you can enjoy your meal while it's still fresh and hot.

Keelung's Signature Seafood Dishes

Keelung is known for its signature seafood dishes, which are a must-try for any seafood enthusiast. One of the most popular dishes is the Keelung-style seafood soup, which is made with a variety of fresh seafood, including fish, prawns, and clams. The soup is flavourful and hearty, making it the perfect comfort food on a chilly day.

Another signature dish is the grilled squid, which is a popular street food in Keelung. The squid is grilled to perfection and served with a variety of sauces, including soy sauce, chilli sauce, and garlic sauce. It's a simple yet delicious dish that's perfect for a quick snack.

Dining at Kelong and Smith Marine

For a unique dining experience, head to Kelong or Smith Marine, two of Keelung's seafood restaurants that are built on stilts above the sea. The restaurants offer stunning views of the sea and the city skyline, making it a great place for a romantic dinner or a special occasion.

Both restaurants offer a wide variety of seafood dishes, including crab, lobster, and prawns. The seafood is fresh and flavourful, and the dishes are cooked to perfection. The restaurants also offer a range of non-seafood dishes, making it a great place for groups with different dietary preferences.

In conclusion, Keelung's seafood scene is a must-visit for any seafood lover. With its fresh seafood, unique dishes, and stunning dining options, Keelung is sure to satisfy your cravings for seafood.

The Singapore Seafood Experience

When it comes to seafood, Singapore is a foodie's paradise. The city-state is known for its fresh and delicious seafood, which is prepared in a variety of ways to suit every palate. Whether you are a local or a tourist, there is no shortage of seafood restaurants to choose from in Singapore.

Local Favourites and Tourist Spots

If you are looking for a casual dining experience, head to one of the many seafood restaurants in Keelung. These restaurants are popular with both locals and tourists, and offer a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Some of the most popular dishes include steamed fish, deep-fried seafood, and live seafood.

One of the most popular seafood spots in Keelung is the Bisha Harbour Live Seafood Market. Here, you can choose from a variety of live seafood, which is then cooked to perfection by the restaurants in the market. The market is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, and is a must-visit if you are in the area.

Seafood Variety and Cooking Styles

Singapore is home to a wide variety of seafood, which is prepared using a range of cooking styles. Some of the most popular seafood dishes in Singapore include chilli crab, black pepper crab, and fish head curry.

Seafood is typically served with a variety of sides, including rice, noodles, and vegetables. If you are looking for a light lunch, try the seafood soup, which is made with fresh seafood and a variety of herbs and spices.

Whether you are a seafood lover or simply looking to try something new, Singapore has something for everyone. With its casual dining atmosphere and wide variety of dishes, it is no wonder that seafood is one of the most popular cuisines in the city-state.

Practical Information for Visitors

Transportation and Location Tips

Getting to Keelung Seafood Singapore is easy and convenient. You can take Bus 103 from Taipei City and it will take you directly to the seafood market. Alternatively, you can drive and take Freeway 1 going to Keelung and exit at the toll booth. It would take less than 30 minutes by car to arrive at Bisha Harbour Live Seafood Market.

If you need to take a taxi, make sure to negotiate the price beforehand to avoid being ripped off. It's also a good idea to ask the hotel bellhop or a local for an estimated fare to avoid being overcharged.

Understanding Prices and Avoiding Tourist Traps

When it comes to seafood prices, it's important to understand that they can vary depending on the season and availability. Make sure to check the prices at different stalls before making a purchase to avoid being charged more than the usual rate.

There are also some touristy gimmicks that you should be aware of, such as restaurants that charge extra for cooking fees or hidden service charges. To avoid these tourist traps, make sure to read the menu carefully and ask for clarification if you're unsure about any additional charges.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy the best seafood in Keelung without being taken advantage of.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the price range for a meal at Keelung Seafood in Singapore?

Keelung Seafood in Singapore offers a wide range of seafood dishes at reasonable prices. The prices vary depending on the type of seafood you order and the quantity you want. On average, a meal for two people can cost around SGD 50 to SGD 80. However, the price can go up or down depending on your preferences and budget.

Can you recommend the top dishes to try at Keelung Seafood?

Keelung Seafood is known for its delicious and fresh seafood dishes. Some of the top dishes to try include steamed fish, crab, prawns, and lobster. You can also try the famous seafood hotpot, which is a must-try for seafood lovers.

How do diners rate the experience at Keelung Seafood in Singapore?

Diners who have visited Keelung Seafood in Singapore have given it high ratings for its delicious food, excellent service, and comfortable ambiance. The restaurant has received many positive reviews on various online platforms, including TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

What are the must-buy seafood items in Keelung market?

Keelung market is a seafood lover's paradise. Some of the must-buy seafood items include fresh fish, crabs, lobsters, prawns, and clams. You can also try the famous Taiwanese oyster omelette, which is a popular street food in Taiwan.

Is Taiwan's seafood scene worth exploring for foodies?

Taiwan's seafood scene is definitely worth exploring for foodies. The country is surrounded by the sea, which makes it an ideal location for fresh and delicious seafood. Taiwan is also known for its unique seafood dishes, such as oyster omelette, seafood hotpot, and stinky tofu with seafood.

Does Keelung Seafood in Singapore offer any specialty dishes unique to the region?

Keelung Seafood in Singapore offers a variety of specialty dishes unique to the region. Some of these dishes include the famous Keelung-style steamed fish, spicy seafood hotpot, and salt and pepper squid. These dishes are a must-try for anyone who wants to experience the authentic taste of Keelung seafood.