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Salted Egg Fish Skin: A Delicious and Crunchy Snack

If you're a fan of snacking and love trying new things, you've probably heard of salted egg fish skin.

This popular snack has been taking Singapore by storm in recent years, and it's not hard to see why. With its crispy texture and savoury flavour, salted egg fish skin is the perfect snack for any occasion.

But what exactly is salted egg fish skin, and why has it become so popular? In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about this delicious snack, from its origins to how it's made and enjoyed. Whether you're a seasoned salted egg fish skin fan or are just curious to learn more, you're in the right place.

Key Takeaways

  • Salted egg fish skin is a popular snack in Singapore known for its crispy texture and savoury flavour.
  • The snack has risen in popularity in recent years, with many brands offering their own take on the classic recipe.
  • Salted egg fish skin is made by coating fish skin in a mixture of salted egg yolk and other seasonings, before frying it until crispy.

The Rise of Salted Egg Snacks

A pile of golden, crispy fish skin coated in rich salted egg yolk sauce, with a sprinkle of chili flakes for an added kick

Cultural Origins and Popularity

Salted egg snacks have been a popular local snack in Singapore for many years. The use of salted egg yolk in cooking can be traced back to ancient China, where it was used to preserve duck eggs.

Over time, this technique was adopted by other cultures, including Singapore.

In recent years, salted egg snacks have gained immense popularity in Singapore and beyond. The trend started with salted egg yolk fish skin, a crispy and savoury snack that quickly became a favourite among locals.

Today, salted egg snacks come in many forms, including potato chips, popcorn, and even croissants.

From Traditional Recipe to Modern Delight

The traditional recipe for salted egg yolk involves a laborious process of soaking duck eggs in a brine solution for several weeks, followed by steaming and drying. The yolk is then mashed and mixed with oil to create a paste.

Today, modern techniques have made it easier to produce salted egg yolk paste, and it is now widely available in supermarkets and online.

Companies like Irvins Salted Egg and The Golden Duck Co have become household names, with their salted egg fish skin being the most popular product.

The popularity of salted egg snacks has also led to the creation of new recipes and flavours. Some companies have introduced family value size packs, while others have experimented with different seasonings and coatings.

Salted egg snacks are typically made by baking or frying the ingredients in a wok until they are crispy and dry. The result is a delicious and addictive snack that is perfect for any occasion.

Making and Enjoying Salted Egg Fish Skin

A hand sprinkles salted egg seasoning onto crispy fish skin in a bowl. Another hand reaches in to grab a piece, ready to enjoy

Cooking Techniques and Ingredients

To make your own salted egg fish skin, you will need ingredients such as salted egg yolks, butter, vegetable oil, sugar, and fish skin.

You can also use salmon skin, cassava chips, or potato chips as an alternative to fish skin.

To cook, you will need to heat up vegetable oil in a pan or wok over high temperature. Once the oil is hot, add the fish skin and fry until it is crispy and golden brown.

Then, mix the mashed salted egg yolks, butter, and sugar together to create a smooth paste. Coat the fried fish skin with the paste and serve.

If you don't feel like cooking, you can order pre-made salted egg fish skin from Crusty or other snack delivery services. Some even offer free delivery for snackbox medleys that include salted egg fish skin and other popular snacks.

Savouring the Crunch: Consumption and Pairing

Salted egg fish skin is best enjoyed as a snack or appetizer. The crunchiness of the fried fish skin pairs well with the creamy and savoury taste of the salted egg yolk paste.

You can also pair salted egg fish skin with other snacks such as potato chips or fried fish skin. For a more filling snack, try adding salted egg fish skin to a sandwich or wrap.

When it comes to drinks, salted egg fish skin goes well with a cold beer or a refreshing soda. However, be mindful of the high oil content in the snack and consume in moderation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bowl of salted egg fish skin surrounded by curious onlookers

How do you make salted egg fish skin snacks at home?

To make salted egg fish skin snacks at home, you will need fried fish skin, butter, vegetable oil, sugar, and salted egg yolk.

You can make salted egg yolk by baking it in the oven at 250°C for 10 minutes and then mashing it well in a bowl. Melt the butter along with the mashed salted egg yolks in a separate bowl.

Once the fish skin is done baking, take it out of the oven and let it cool for a minute. Then, coat the fish skin with the salted egg mix. [1]

Are salted egg fish skins considered a healthy treat?

Salted egg fish skin snacks are not considered a healthy treat due to their high calorie and fat content. However, they can be enjoyed in moderation as a tasty snack. [2]

Where can one purchase IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin in the UK?

IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin is not currently available in the UK. However, you may be able to purchase it from international online retailers or Asian supermarkets. [3]

What is the calorie count for salted egg fish skin snacks?

The calorie count for salted egg fish skin snacks varies depending on the brand and serving size. On average, a 100g serving of salted egg fish skin contains around 500-550 calories. [4]

Can you bring salted egg fish skin snacks into the US from Singapore?

It is generally not recommended to bring salted egg fish skin snacks into the US from Singapore due to strict food import regulations. However, if you do decide to bring them, make sure to declare them at customs and check if they are allowed. [5]

Is there a halal version available for salted egg fish skin products?

Yes, there are halal-certified versions of salted egg fish skin products available. Look for products with the halal certification mark on the packaging or check with the manufacturer for more information. [6]